We Need A Real Revival
Words and music by Jason Bellard

Chords // ( G Em C G D/F) Key: B Capo 4

Verse 1 and 3
I sing this with urgency, Lord we need Your true anointing
We’ve gotten carried away with thrills and chills while in a famine of the truth
And this I sing with tears, why can’t we see these things?
Where is a real offering when our offering is due?

Lord, we need a real revival, one that we’ve never even planned
A move that we cannot understand
Lord, come and take us away. (x2)

Verse 2
I sing this in sorrow, at the lack of faith we have
We’re still living in the past while we’re living in pain
And this I sing of necessity, Lord it’s You we need alone
And, Lord, in You we carry on
Lord, come and take us away