[Am  – C   –  G   – Am]
*Play bar chords plucking the top 3 strings

In a great house there are vessels of gold and silver
Vessels of wood and earth, some of shame and some of worth
We are God’s dwelling place and there are useful things in us
But if they cannot be tried with fire then they should only turn to dust

We need a purging that only God can do
These lumps are filled with leaven and they need to be made new
We need to purified and holy, sanctified and true
Set apart for the Master’s will and fit for the Master’s use
[Repeat Chorus]

The time is yet appointed and some will be made white
Which ones will it be, those very few that have been tried
We are earthen vessels with treasure deep inside
Will our treasure turn to dust or purge and purify?

Words and music by Jason Bellard
Transcription taken from from