Two And Only Two
Words and music by Jason Bellard

Intro play (G C)

Verse 1 // ( G D/F# Em C )
Here I am, this is me
And by the grace of God, I’ll be what I should be
I give my life for you, my bride
This is conformity to the image of Christ

Chorus // ( C D/F#)
There are two and only two
Of whom I’m called to give my life
Jesus, King of Kings, and you, my wife

Verse 2 // ( G D/F# Em C )
Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone
May our lives proclaim the Gospel
And may they see that we are one
And He who saves, and He who keeps
And He who gave His life for all who would believe

Verse 3 // ( G D/F# Em C )
And until death, I say I do
Oh, I will lead you by the Word of God and teach you what is true
And I seek to love you as He has loved His own
And I can only do these things by the grace of God alone

Bridge // ( C D/F# )
This is a great mystery
We represent eternity
And I will love you faithfully
He’s bringing this to life in me