This Is Not A Game
Words and music by Jason Bellard

Verse 1 // Chords ( G G/B C2 C/E ) (72 bpm)
True religion isn’t in your church positions
It is not in superstitions or church activities
True repentance is an act of brokenness
From the grief of your regrets of a life that’s now deceased
True deliverance is not a road you walk alone
But with my Spirit, says the Lord, as you walk away from sin
True salvation is not displayed in how you’re treated
It’s not in prayers that you’ve repeated time and time again

Chorus // Chords ( G C2 )
‘Cause this is not a game
And this is not a chance to see the spotlight
It’s not about a church that seats a thousand
Or a choir that sings on key, it’s about the kingdom
And when will you make time to share My Gospel?
Make time to point the lost to a brighter day in eternity
And make time for Me
When we you make time for Me?

Verse 2 // Chords ( G G/B C2 C/E )
True holiness is a goal you cannot reach
If you ignore humility on this road we walk each day
True conviction is not in these mortal words
But by my Spirit, says the Lord, as I draw your heart my way
True righteousness is found by faith in Me alone
You can’t attain it on your own and once attained it bears much fruit
The true church is a church that seeks to serve Me
With a zeal to give Me glory
Does this church consist of you?