The Cornerstone
Words and music by Jason Bellard
(86 bpm)

Chords // ( B F# G#m E ) bar chords
Verse 1
There is a mighty One who is a firm foundation
He took this man of filthy rags and made a living stone
We have a King of Kings who has taken down such giants
To bring salvation to such people that He might call His own

The Cornerstone, He is the one who took my place
And never cast a stone at all at this unworthy castaway
He took a stand, such an awesome sinless man
Oh, He gave His life on Calvary as part of His own divine plan (repeat)
The Cornerstone, the Cornerstone. Yeah. Woah. (repeat)

Verse 2
His precious words defeated my accusers
My sin had found me out but grace I found in Him
Now I’ll be His temple, though it takes stones to build me up
Sticks and stones might brake my bones but I still have hope within