The Comfort of Noise
Words and music by Jason Bellard
(6/8 time)

Chords // ( G D/F# Em C )
God of the universe, unknown and unheard
For the comfort of noise drowns out every word
He’s the maker of all things and the fullness of joy
Will we seek Him apart from the comfort of noise, the comfort of noise?

Verse 1
The cares of this life seem to ruin our chances at getting a glimpse of His glory
And all that we are is just running a race
Yeah, we’ve lost endurance and religiously failed

Verse 2
When are we going to just separate, to seek Him in secret, to be still and wait?
Forget all our worries, excuses and pride,
Flee from the darkness and seek for the light of life
Come to all those who seek His will to do
They who worship in spirit and worship in truth
And without all the voices of music and man,
Let us listen to hear only from the great I AM