The Beast That You’ve Become
Words and music by Jason Bellard

(74 bpm)
Verse 1 // ( Am Em Am )
There’s a gospel other than Mine being preached in My own house.
You sell books and shirts in vanity
What a message that sends out
You’ve made a mockery of humility and trampled it with gain
And since you cannot preach contentment, you’ve shamed My holy name

Chorus // ( Am Em Am )
It’s appointed once for man to die, then My judgment comes
You’ll be judged so swiftly for the beast that you’ve become (x2)

Verse 2 // ( Am Em Am )
You’ve made a house of merchandise where My people come to pray
And you twist My holy scriptures to justify your ways
And you tell them through their offerings that they’ll reap a well of faith,
But just like Simon the sorcerer, I’ll put you in your place