Take Heed
Words and music by Jason Bellard

Verse 1 // ( G C )
Make sure you pay your tribute to our governmental aids,
That pay for each abortion that slap God in the face
Don’t think we’ll go unpunished, we’re a nation who holds the knife
This country soon will crumble for rejecting life

Chorus // ( G D/F# Em C )
Take heed, take not in vain your liberty
Take heed, take not in vain your liberty

Verse 2 // ( G C )
Thou shalt not kill and that’s His will concerning life and death
He would that none should perish, yet we think we know what’s best
Instead of life and peace, we choose to love noise and corruption, yes,

Verse 3 // ( G C )
We throw our children to the fire of our lust and our desire
In stubbornness we stand firm as we’re sinking in the mire
Our lawless deeds of hate and greed they take the way we live
Why should He any longer mercy give?