Sweet Love of God
Words and music by Jason Bellard

Verse 1 Chords // ( A B E )

You first loved us, gave Your Son
It’s in the splendor of Your presence we belong
Your love is patient and suffers long
With unfeigned love You suffered long to right our wrongs

Chorus Chords // ( A E B C#m B )
Sweet love of God be in our hearts
Sweet love of God be in our souls
Sweet love of God compel us to embrace Your call
Perfect love hide us away in the strength of Your embrace
Lord, You so loved enough to give Your all in all

Chords // ( A B E )
Sweet love of God
Sweet love of God

Bridge Chords // ( A B E )
You so loved us, we know You love us
You truly love us, we have nothing left to fear (repeat)