[Chords used]:
Eb5 – 66xxxx
F#5 – x44xxx
G#5 – x66xxx

Note: (If you’re a beginner, notice that “x” means that you do not play that string. To do this, place your index finger as if you were to play barre chords, but just cover those strings and do not press them fully.)

Play the chords in this order:
[ Eb5 – F#5 – G#5 – Eb5 ]
(Repeat the same progression throughout the whole song).
Enjoy singing for Christ!

Scarlet cord, save us from this war that’s going on outside our comfort zone
Risen One, God’s only Son, give us strength as day to day unfold

You are that freshly plucked olive leaf to show a sign and now we’re free
And You bore the nails, the cross, the crown and turned our sin to solid ground
Oh, that sweet taste of manna from Heaven
You are the bread unleavened, the way, the truth, the life,
The only light that brakes this dark inside of us
We give You all our trust

‘Cause You could have chose anywhere in the universe to live,
But You chose our hearts, Oh, You chose our hearts
You could have chose anyone the youth
But You chose the sinful and abused to tell the world how great You are
You could have chose anyone that doubted, but You chose to give up Your own life
And then You rose again in just three days
You could have chose to stop the pain
But You chose the suffering and the shame to save us sinners from the grave
And Your name is Jesus Christ, precious Jesus Christ

And good shepherd, guide Your sheep on a path so straight to a promise of peace
The world may say we’ve lost our minds
But we’re holding on to the one true vine
You’re the breath of life that breathes and knows, a healing hand, unending love,
The reason that our heart still beats today
And, though, the devil tries to bring us down we’ll still stand firm and stand our ground
And we want You to know, Lord, we are with You all the way