Save Us From Ourselves
Words and music by Jason Bellard

Key E // Chords ( E G#m A B )

Verse 1
My mind’s made up, my heart is sad
It seems holiness has become some sort of fad
I am overwhelmed so now I pray, I pray for the greater good of humanity
We need salvation, we’ve turned from You
And our only hope is to promote the truth
Our hearts are hungry but our hands are red
We know all we know by all the lies we’re being fed

Dear God, save us from ourselves
You’re so gracious and we’re so guilty, and we need Your faithful help
Dear God, our yesterdays have gone and it’s no longer like it once was
Somehow innocence, innocence went wrong
Save us from ourselves

Verse 2
The very name that gives us life has been exchanged with dollar signs
And although we preach a sermon every week, when was our goal to save a
We wrote a book or two to share our thoughts and so now we can say, “Lord,
But when did you get all the glory instead of us seeking reward?

Verse 3
And although You sent us out to tell the lost
We’d rather preach to one another
Although You died for all and paid the cost
We’ve put a price tag on our brother
We know it’s required of us to give our all,
We’d rather You to give us more
And although You’re knocking ever so diligently
We’d rather not answer the door