Running Against The Wind
Words and music by Jason Bellard

Key G
Verse 1 // ( G D/F# Em D/F# C G/B A2 D )
There are many doctrines in this world that are blown by man-made winds
Though you feel these winds guiding you, you’ll be sailing straight to sin
And the wind that’s worth believing longs to have your ear,
Takes humility and quietness to hear
Mine is a wind that breathes purity and kindness,
It’s a wind that sails to a bright eternity
This wind is called My Spirit, it’s the Spirit of Truth,
And it’s the spirit that blows to glory

Chorus // ( [C G/B ] D)
So why do you walk against the wind?
Why do you run against the wind?
Why do you fear to hear the wind?
My child come back again (repeat)
Stop running against the wind (x2)

Verse 2
Oh, this wind that is My spirit blows where it will,
It can blow a grain of wheat way up to a city on a hill
And it can fan the flames within your heart and bring you to your knees,
And lead you in the paths of life that draw you close to Me
What is it that you fear that the Comforter might say?
His fruit is joy and peace and perfect love which casts all fear away
The spirit’s truly willing but the flesh is so, so weak
And when this battle’s over, it was worth eternity