Rest In Me
Words and music by Jason Bellard

Chords (F# C# B F#)
// or tune guitar down a whole step and play in G ( G D/F# C G )

Verse 1
I know there seems to be no rest for the working man
The hopes of such will come from day to day
And though we hope to gain reward from the works of our own hands eternally,
We have hoped in vanity

So praise God, praise Him for the victory He brought on Calvary
Oh, praise God, praise Him, the King of Kings says, “Come and rest in Me”

Verse 2
Oh, without faith it’s impossible to please the Lord of Lords,
And without grace our works are all in vain
And surely there’s a day when every work is tried by fire,
So the time is now to call upon His name

Verse 3
Jesus is the rest when we have wearied
And He is not just some religious state of mind
And to all who will come before Him in humility
Surely He’s the rest for all mankind