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Hey brothers and sisters in Christ! Here’s my favorite song by Jason. I must thank the administrator of the no-longer-available webpage for having given me a hand with the lyrics of this song.

*Capo on 2nd fret

[Chords used]:
* C  – 032010
* C*- 032013
* C/G – 332010
* G6 – 320000
* Am – 002210
* F (F maj7) – 033210

[Intro: C C* C F]

[Verse: G/C G6 Am Em F  G6]

What is this life you life that you live?
And all of these things that you live for?
What do they matter in light of eternity?
The unending emptiness in you
And oh how you run from all that’s true
And turn and say that it’s all ok
Remember those nights all by yourself
You thought about Heaven, death and Hell
And then you chased away all reality
Though death is uncertain life can’t be
To all who in Jesus now are free
To all who have the victory

[Chorus: G/C G6 Am F / G6]

Cause you have one life to answer for
Will it be your one desire to be faithful to the Lord?
You have one life, one life to give
Will you serve a sinful heart or cry out to Jesus and live? And live

[Verse 2: G/C G6 Am Em F]

The hate in your heart has run you dry
You’ve done all you could not to live a lie
But what have you become?
You’ve seen such pretend you just don’t know
The right or the left which way to go
And yet all you do is run
You look in the mirror what do you see?]
The face of a once hypocrisy
And again you turn away
Why can’t you see you don’t have long
Before your one life is here and gone?
And then comes the judgment day

One life