Light Has Come Into The World
Words and music by Jason Bellard

Key G
Verse 1 // Chords ( Em C )
This world’s come to nothing, but darkness and shame
We’ve forsaken His offering, to take His name in vain
We’ve raised every idol and turned from the Truth
Our hearts have deceived us and our lives are the proof

Chorus // Chords ( G Em C D )
Light has come into the world, not to condemn but to save
For He so loved the world, that His own life He gave
Light has come into the world, to bring new life to the dead
But we are condemned even still, if we’re choosing darkness instead of the light

Verse 2 // Chords ( Em C )
His grace is sufficient, but grace not in vain
His mercy endureth and never will change
But we’ve made Him jealous, by submitting to sin
And every idol will fail us, the day that judgment begins