I Never Sounded The Trumpet
Words and music by Jason Bellard
Key Em // Chords ( C Am Em )

Verse 1
Poor Anthony, eighteen years of age
On a bus to California and he sat right next to me
Settled down in Griffin Park, turned to drugs and soon OD’d
And he was never told of Jesus, although he sat right next me

I’m so sorry for him
His blood’s all over my hands
I never sounded the trumpet
While his soul was still on demand

Verse 2
Poor, poor Chase, still so young in age
We hung out late one Friday, while I was still playing games
He had a head-on collision, which brought his mother’s heart such harm
And he was never told the truth, for I was still so lukewarm

Verse 3
Poor Stephanie, she was one of my old friends
And we hung out late one night while I was on the fence
One Thanksgiving afternoon, she just bought a baby bed
Oh, she felt she had no hope and bullet in her head

Chorus 2
Oh, I’m sorry for her
Words can’t describe how I hurt
I had a chance to share The Great I Am
While her soul was still on demand
I’m so sorry for them
Their blood’s all over my hands
Use me, Lord, to share as much as I can
While their souls are still on demand