I Am Yours
Words and music by Jason Bellard

Key G (In original, guitar is tuned down a half step to F#)

Verse 1 // ( G C Em D/F# G )
Once again, I failed the king
I gave a tainted offering
When will I succeed to do His will?
At the alter of His feet, I gave a gift that’s incomplete
I let my fear and doubt take over still

Help me Jesus, I am Yours
C G D/F# Em C
Help me Jesus, I am Yours
G D/F# Em G D/F# Em
Ever Yours, Ever Yours

Verse 2 // ( G C Em D/F# G )
You gave a word for me to speak
My nerves set in, my flesh was weak
I gave into my fear and not my faith
I’m sorry, Lord, I turn away from cowardice, Lord this I pray
My life is incomplete without Your grace

Verse 1