Humble Me
Words and music by Jason Bellard

Chords // ( G D Em C )

Verse 1
I am religion, I am vanity
You’re my deliverance, the one that sets me free
I am selfish, I am stressed humanity
Oh, my Lord, please humble me, Father of eternity

Humble me, humble me
Humble me, oh, Lord (repeat)

Verse 2
I am tradition and I lead myself astray
You are conviction, lead the everlasting way
And at times I struggle and I need Your healing breath of life
You are my hope above all things and I am the apple of Your eye

Verse 3
And I need correction, Your words are truth in every way
I’m blind to understand Your love, You see the tears roll down my face
I’m so unlike You and yet I long to see Your face
Lord, change this fickle heart of mine to be a heart sustained by grace