God Help Us
Words and music by Jason Bellard

Verse 1 Chords // ( C#m B A E )
I see hell-pointed signs all over the kingdom of God
And the help that’s surely needed is so short in supply
And the words of our dear Savior are something to be shared today
And while we claim we’re waiting on the Lord
The lights are growing dim in this city

Chorus Chords // ( C#m E B A )
Where did our compassion go for the lost?
We live in fear and not for love
Maybe we’ve too much theory and not enough of Your Word
We are inspired by man and not from above
God help us, God help us

Verse 2 Chords // ( C#m B A E )
They walk through miles of worldly wisdom for just one crumb
Yet we’re too busy with our plans to bear the bread from Heaven
And our pride’s in our positions, yet we’re so humble when we pray
‘Cause we know exactly what to say and we walk a road of no convictions
And while they see us doing wrong, how we claim to live by grace