Hi! Welcome to “Jason Bellard’s Lyrics and Chords”.

My name is Omar García and I decided to create this blog in 2012 to share lyrics and chords of Christian songs that were written and composed by Jason Bellard, an American independent singer and composer from Louisiana.

I first found his music in the website GodlyChristianMusic.com when I was looking for cropped-be-reconciled-jason-bellard-e1488849212962free spiritual Christian songs to download legally, in order to hear something holy on my way to college (you guys can still download the songs from there):  I found his music and I fell in love with it. I was seeking Jesus and trying to get separated from sin and from the world, and Jason’s songs were just what I wanted. He and his songs and him became part of my favorites because they are full of beautiful simplicity  in a creative folk sound; and the message is very godly, always bringing a direct calling to believe the biblical Gospel to the listener and examine ourselves. The lyrics contain the words of Jesus Christ, calling us to repentance, to seek first the righteousness of the Kingdom of God, and to live in holiness. The songs are easy-to-play, quite simple in terms of the number of chords used, but brilliant in terms of melody, sound, and lyrics.

Since these songs were written from a heart that was on fire for God and hungry for His word, they will challenge the ways of men and false preaching (as showed in Jason’s testimony), so if you listen to or play to his songs, they will encourage you to seek God only through the eyes of Jesus Christ, and to reject unbiblical religiosity and worldy sin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9Tbj-hBQSU

The Bible says, however, that “anyone who thinks that he stands, should take heed lest he fall” (1 Co. 10:12). And, it also tells us that, in the last days, “because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold” (Matthew 24:12). We should constantly examine ourselves, take up our cross, and deny ourselves daily, seeking God in prayer and remembering that only those who follow Christ until the end shall be saved (Matthew 24:13)

In December 2011, Jason finished publishing over 80 Christian compositions at Godly Christianmusic, and, at that time, a website called godislight.co.nr was made available to show Jason Bellard’s songs and other stuff. There also appeared a website that published Jason’s chords in .pdf files. Nonetheless, as of 2012 or 2013, the later was taken down, and Godislight stopped working too.

No other website had yet collected the lyrics and chords written by Jason, so I decided to share the transcriptions I had figured out, and share the other chords I was able to save some files to my computer, to publish them here.  As I’m not a professional musician or listener, my transcriptions may not always get the exact chords, and I might mishear the lyrics, so comments, corrections and observations are very welcomed!

The sad thing about this story, for those of you who have been asking, is that Jason Bellard 2something happened to Jason (I don’t really know what), but in 2015 or 2016 I started to see different things, comments and stuff from him, either in Youtube or FB, that clearly showed me and others that Jason was going through hard times and was discouraged, not walking under the conviction  of God he once had walked with. All I know is that Jason had been influenced by Paul Washer’s Calvinist theology, and sometime later he distanced himself from the Gospel of The Bible. Nothing personal against Washer, but I still think strong Calvinism is a dangerous theology. Jason; apart from God, is the only one who could clarify what has happened.

Dear brethren, the story isn’t over, so I ask you to please join us in prayer for Jason, for the fire to come back into his heart and for God’s presence to shine in his heart and soul strongly again. I dearly ask you all who read to please remember Jason and his family (wife and children) in your prayers. Pray for his spiritual life and his walk to come back to the conviction of Christ. I don’t know anything in particular, but our God knows and can do everything. As Jason’s song says: “No burden is too hard to bear, God can carry us anywhere”. We are commanded of God to lift our brothers up, and with a meek and humble spirit get them when they fall. It’s our duty to do so.

Whatever this story might finish like, I hope the songs Jason wrote be a blessing for you and take you to worship, follow and surrender to the Almighty, and seek him strongly, pouring out your heart to Him and getting closer and closer to Him, to never leave Him, but follow Him until the end, and always be serious with Him. Jesus isn’t a game or a story. He is the King of Kings… the Truth, the Way and the Light. May the Lord Jesus bless you and keep you and yours in this perilous times we living in. Jesus is Coming soon, so get ready! Love to all the saints.