Who is Jason Bellard?

Jason Bellard is an American guy from Louisiana who once was an independent Christian singer and composer. He once got considerable attention online because his songs were shared on YouTube and other independent Christian websites or blogs by a number of brothers and sisters in Christ who loved that music. I was just one of them. cropped-be-reconciled-jason-bellard-e1488849212962

What’s so special about his songs?

Just listen to my favorite song of his. Jason’s songs are very special because they have convicting lyrics. They talk against sin, they talk about self-denial, they talk about separating from the secular world, and living the message of the Gospel. The often quote words of Jesus Christ or other Bible books, calling us to repentance, to seek first the  Kingdom of God and to live what we preach genuinely, without hipocrisy.

The focus of many of his songs is to live in holiness and righteousness seriously, to examine ourselves, to leave human traditions aside and practice the Word of God with compassion and mercy.  His songs were written when his heart was on fire for God, they are a cry hungry for Him, a plea to be saved from sin. They will challenge deceitful ways of men, false preaching and false doctrine (such as the sinner’s prayer), and focousing on them you are likely to be encouraged to seek God alone through Christ, and reject everything else.

Musically speaking, the songs are also easy-to-play, fit for beginners, and though quite simple in terms of chords, very creative in terms of melody or sound. Jason’s God-given voice is unique too.  

Where can I get his music?

You can LEGALLY download over 80 of his Christian compositions directly from the webpage: GodlyChristianMusic.comall for FREE. Jason finished publishing them around December 2011.

At that time, they were available at a website called Godislight.co.nr, but it later disappeared. There was a website that published many of the chords in .pdf files, but as of 2012 or 2013, it was taken down.  No other website had yet collected the lyrics and chords of these songs, so I decided to share the transcriptions I figured out, and publish the other ones I had been able to save. You can find most of the chords and lyrics here in this blog (use CTRL+F to locate them if you work on a desk computer, or simply look for the title on the right side).

As I’m not a professional musician or perfect listener, some parts of my transcriptions might not have the exact chords, and I may have misheard some. I apologize in advance. Comments, corrections and observations are very welcomed!

What happened to Jason?

Jason’s testimony was recorded on a beautiful video that still can be seen on YouTube; here (in English) and here (in Spanish). This was originally published on January 13th, 2011. There, Jason explained his background and talked about why he was a false convert who had been preached a false gospel that never could really change him. Jason struggled with doubt for a long time, until, after praying for a long long time, he said, God came into his life and changed it all, giving light to his family.

In 2011, he started a blog called Be Reconciled To God, where there are still five surviving entries. Here he made allusions about experiencing difficulties in life. As it can be seen, he was being influenced by John Piper’s theology and his interpretation of God, along with Lutheran Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Piper’s ministry “I’ll Be Honest“, with its Calvinist teachings, was a clearly trusted ministry for him. 

So what happened later? What is written on Luke 8:13. Sadly speaking, doubt overcame him. Sometime around 2015 or 2016, he gave signs that he had distanced himself from Bible truth. Some noticed he was discouraged and unhappy. Later, his Christian pages disappeared and some brethren, including myself, lost him as a contact.

I was genuinely concerned and I searched for his FB again. I wrote to him, but he didn’t reply. I covered some of his songs on YouTube (I truly loved them), and two years ago, I got a comment from him confirming something very sad. In his own published words:Jason Bellard

In the last years, Jason would post some music online — with completely secular messages, as can be seen here and there

He has occasionally written to this blog and he recently left a phone number for those who want to contact him personally, in the comments section. On June 3rd, 2018, he added me on Facebook and told me, to my suprise, to contact him as soon as possible. I was ready to hear him and I though he would be ready to hear, so on June 4th, I had the chance to accept his invitation and chat with him for a little while, using Messenger. Bellard

There, he confirmed his backslidding and explained he had started questioning The Bible. He assured me it had nothing to do with Piper’s theology, but with the Bible itself, posing arguments any other atheist would pose,  being disrespectful to Abraham and questioning tother hings. I was always willing “to make a defense… for a reason for the hope that is in me” and do this respectfully and lovingly, but he wouldn’t  simplylisten. He was also convinced that, according to his study of the Bible, the Old Covenant law was supposed to be followed. “Have you not read Jeremiah?” was my last reply. Just then, the lights in my house went out. When they returned, minutes later, Jason had blocked me completely. He just didn’t have “ears to hear”, but he wanted me to hear him. 

What can we learn from his story?

You may have 40 years of Bible stoudy, but if you don’t personally know Jesus Christ and don’t live the Gospel, watch out. The Bible says that “anyone who thinks that he stands, should take heed lest he fall” (1 Co. 10:12). It also tells us that, in the last days, “because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold” (Matthew 24:12). We should constantly examine ourselves, take up our cross, and deny ourselves daily, seek God in prayer, and remember that only those who follow Christ until the end shall be saved (Matthew 24:13).

Above all, we have to be sure we are fully loving God, praying and obeying the Gospel of Jesus Christ — in short: doing God’s will. Not following man, but following God; not only reading the Scriptures, but TRUSTING them, and asking God for understanding about the things we don’t know. Don’t asume things because of a bad theology.

Bad biased understanding of The Bible has lead many astray. Solomon himself, with all his wisdom, was lead astray by idolatry. If we are not willing to listen to God first and seek understanding directly FROM HIM, we Will be in big trouble. Jason’s case is very very similar to what happened to Aviad Cohen, who unfortunately recently passed away. The Bible says “For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them” (2 Peter 2:21).

What should we do?

Say a prayer for Jason. “Anyone who is among the living has hope” (Ecc.9:4). Pray so that God have mercy of him and clarify his mind, if he has ears to hear. Especially, pray for his family (a wife and little children), that someone would preach them. Remember them. Pray for their spiritual life so they come to walk under the conviction of Holy Spirit and know Jesus personally. Maybe, they might testify to him one day.

Whatever this story might finish like, I hope the songs Jason wrote be a blessing for you and help you surrender your life to the Almighty. Seek Him deeply, daily, pour out your heart to Him and get closer and closer to Him. Don’t let your love grow cold. Never leave God; follow Him until the end. Always be serious with Him. Jesus is not a game or just a story to be told. He is the King of Kings, the “Author of Life”,  “the Truth, the Way and the Light”. Get to know Him personally.

May the Lord Jesus bless you and keep you and yours in these sad and perilous times we living in. Jesus is Coming Soon, so get ready! And love to all the lovely believers who read this.