Heal Our Land
Words and music by Jason Bellard
Key F# // Chords ( G#m F#/Bb B C# )

Verse 1 We’re ashamed of what we glory in today
We must be lame since we can’t walk in Your ways
We must be blind since we cannot see the truth
All this time we claim that we’ve been serving You

Chords // (G#m B F#)
We are the lame men, we are the lepers
We are the blind man, we are the beggar
We’ve been closed up in this tomb
Accompanied by barren wombs
So paralyzed we do not stand
Please, God, come and heal our land
Jesus, come heal our land

Verse 2
We’re so diseased that our families are falling apart
And the issue in our members originated in our hearts
Our children are on their deathbeds
And You’re the only One that can wake them from their sleep
But Lord, we laid down all our crosses
To make more room to take the rich man’s seat