Word of God, Speak To Me
Words and music by Jason Bellard

Original Key G#

Capo 1 play in G
Verse 1 ( C G C G Em C D/F# )
Word of God, speak to me
Light the way for me to see
Chase away the darkness still
Lead me, Lord, into Thy will

Chorus ( D/F# Em C D/F# )
Oh, resurrection and life
Your words are words of truth divine
I need Your wisdom, I need Your hand
I need Your grace, Lord, to understand

Verse 2
Oh, word unchanged from age to age
Your words are deeper than on the page
Have me in death to triumph still
Oh, lead me, Lord, into Thy will

Chorus 2
You are the first and You are the last
You hold the future and wash away the past
Your words unchanging, steady, stern and true
Oh, give us grace, Lord, to follow You