Seek God Now
Words and music by Jason Bellard

Chords // ( G D/F# Em C )

Verse 1
The message in the church today
Is no longer godliness with contentment is great gain
Instead, gain is godliness and we’ve shamed His holy name
And those who claim to be His people are no longer unique
For the church is not unlike the business right down the street
And the businesses with all the fancy crosses on them
Would rather a shoe shine than to wash somebody’s feet

Please seek God now
And press on through this shameful crowd
And don’t let me or any other mortal man
Tell you what God has planned
Just seek God now

Verse 2
The altars in the church today are stained with tainted offerings
We only give hoping to receive, rather than plant a seed in someone
And pray they would believe
Faith and holiness have been abandoned on a shelf
Oh, how we need the Lord to save us from ourselves

Verse 3
And there are many who would take advantage of what God has given you
So, for the sake of God’s own name, hold tight to the truth